Les Huîtres

Huîtres de Marennes-d'Oléron

Huîtres de Normandie

Les plateaux de fruits de mer

4 fines de claires n°3, 4 spéciales Saint Vaast n°2, 4 spéciales Gillardeau n°3

3 fines de claires, 3 Saint Vaast, 8 crevettes roses, 100 grammes de crevettes grises, 300 grammes de bulots

Les Fruits de Mer

Les entrées / to start

Cesar salad with chicken fillets (romaine, anchovy, boiled egg, parmesan, croutons)

Boulingrin salad (Salmon gravlax, haddock, boiled egg, green beans, artichokes, pepper)

Snails with parsley butter (the 6 - 7,00€ / the 12 - 13,00€)

Pig's head terrine, service at will

Ham of Reims, Champagne's way, service at will

Pickle herring with rattes potatoes of Touquet, service at will

Bone marrow and toasts

Homemade duck foie gras and its toasts

The glass of Château de Cabidos 2011 (Sud-Ouest, petit manseng, sweet)

Les plats "faits maison" sont préparés sur place.
La liste des allergènes est disponible à la caisse.
L'origine de nos viandes est indiquée dans le restaurant.

The "homemade" dishes are prepared on site from products.
The allergy list is displayed at checkout.
The origin of our meat is indicated in the restaurant.

set menus

Ardoise du Jour





Le mareyeur 35€

1 fines de claires n°3 / 1 oysters fines de claires n°3
1 Saint Vaast n°2 / 1 oysters Saint Vaast n°2
1 Gillardeau n°3 / 1 oyster Gillardeau n°3
4 crevettes roses / 4 pink shrimps
Crevettes grises / Grey shrimps
10 Bulots / 10 Whelks

Poisson de l'ardoise du jour

Fish of the daily menu

Café Gourmand

Coffee and sweets

Les Plats

main course

les poissons / fishes

Sole meuniere, potatoes

The Salmon tartare (celery, carrot, cucumber, condiments)

Skate wing, lemon sauce and capers, potatoes

Scampi, pasta and vegetables

Monkfish and chorizo skewers, candied tomatoes risotto

les viandes / meats

Chicken and morels with pasta

The Classic tartare (pickles, capers, egg yolk and sauce)

The Cesar tartare, the same, with just a roundtrip on the stove

The Italien tartare (parmesan, candied tomatoes, basil, balsamic, olive oil)

Beef fillet with pepper or béarnaise sauce, potatoes gratin

Roasted entrecote steak (250g), garlic and parsley butter and potatoes gratin

Veal kidneys and mashed potatoes

Calf's head, sauce with pickles, capers and egg, steamed potatoes

Roasted Andouillette, mustard seed sauce, French fries

Service compris 15% calculé sur le H.T

Service included 15% of the ex VAT

Les Fromages & Desserts

cheese & desserts

Les fromages / cheese selection

Cottage cheese (with sugar, red fruit sauce or herbs)

Local cheese selection

Les desserts / Desserts

Café gourmand (one coffee and sweets)

Irish Coffee

Melting chocolate cake

Crème brûlée with vanilla

The famous Paris-Brest pastry

Profiteroles with caramel and salted butter

Colonel (vodka and lemon sorbet)

Ice Cream and sorbet (Vanilla, Chocolate, Pink Biscuit, Raspberry, Peach, Lime)

les digestifs

Service compris 15% calculé sur le H.T

Service included 15% of the ex VAT

Les boissons


Les eaux et sodas

les apéritifs

les boissons chaudes

Les Champagnes

les demi bouteilles

les bouteilles

Les magnums

Côteaux champenois

Les Vins Blancs, rosés & rouges

Vins Blancs

Les bouteilles

Vallée du Rhône et côtes de provence
Val de Loire

Les demi bouteilles


Vins Rosés

Les bouteilles

Vins Rouges

Les bouteilles

Côtes du Rhône & Côtes de Provence
Val de Loire

Les demi bouteilles

Service compris 15% calculé sur le H.T.